Terms And Conditions

1.1. Tickets for films and events at our cinemas are sold by us at the prices displayed for the relevant performance and the amount payable for them will be debited immediately from your credit or debit card. By requesting tickets through the Website you are placing a booking request for them on these Terms which is only accepted and binding on us once we have debited your card.

1.2. A confirmation booking reference will be displayed on your screen and emailed or text to you.

1.3. A Card Booking Fee of 60 pence per ticket will be payable. This Card Booking Fee is to provide advance booking facilities via the telephone line and internet; we have to use other intermediate companies to provide these services. The booking fees are set to at least offset some of the additional costs incurred by us. By confirming your booking you are agreeing to pay this Card Booking Fee in addition to the price you pay to us for your cinema ticket.

1.4. The email confirmation of your booking will set out the details of the cinema tickets purchased and the total amounts paid for your tickets and Card Booking Fee. Once this confirmation has been sent, tickets cannot be refunded, unless, In circumstances where there has been a fault on Angel Leisure's part that affects customer's booking a refund or complimentary ticket may be applicable. When a refund is awarded, tickets can only be refunded by us up to 24 hours before a performance starts so that the ticket can be resold. Refunds will only be given on production of an untorn ticket or if a pre-booked ticket has not been collected. The Card Booking Fee will only be refunded by Angel Leisure where it is determined that an error has been made in your ticket booking or card processing that is the fault of Angel Leisure. A refund of the Card Booking Fee will not be made in any other circumstances.

1.5. In the case of tickets being offered for sale at the wrong price on-line (i.e. at a higher or lower price than is applicable at the box office) we reserve the right to insist that the tickets are refunded and the correct prices charged.

1.6. You can collect your tickets from any point of sale in the cinema any time from when the booking is made until the start of the performance. You will need to bring either the card you paid with or a note of the booking reference to collect your tickets.

1.7. Concessionary and children's tickets are offered for sale on the Website. You may be asked for proof of status or age when you collect the tickets and to gain admission to the performance.

1.8. Bookings made on the Website are encrypted for security. However, you acknowledge that the Internet is not entirely secure and whilst we and Savoy Systems Ltd will take reasonable steps to safeguard the security of any card information you impart, we shall not be liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of any such information.

1.9. You acknowledge that the cancellation rights contained in the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (as amended) do not apply to the services we offer for advance sales of tickets.

1.10. Transactions will appear on your card/bank statement as a payment to Savoy Systems Ltd